Q-Profile - An IT-based system for analyses of matching between job descriptions and qualification structures


Q-Profile is an IT-based system for a questionnaire procedure with the objective to match as closely as possible the motivation / interest and suitability of persons and structures on the one hand and  the requirements of professions.

As questionnaire methods Q-Profile uses the so-called Q-sort technique. This follows a different path in data collection from a normal questionnaires (with Likert-scaled items). 

The main advantage of this is that each test person must formulate both its strengths and its weaknesses through a self-assessment.

This leads to a number of additional advantages:

  • During the self-assessment interests (positive characteristics) and dislikes (negative characteristics) can be specified (ie, in general a patient can not propose for all questions unilateral assessments such as "I'm interested" or "not relevant", etc.). The advantage is thus that the rating scale is protected from poor utilization.

  • Each statement is directly related to all other statements, therefore the subject takes more time to process the "questionnaire".

  • The test person provides so-called ipsative (intra-individual) data; ie conclusions to be drawn about which interests / personality traits are perceived individually as strong or weak in relation to other interests / personality traits and not in comparison to other persons or to an external standard.

The sorting process

With the used Q-sort technique, all statements are brought into a relationship, because the distribution of cards only succeed in the categories if all statements are compared. The cards are in the form of a forced normal distribution (forced q-sort) order.

Each item must be assigned a place on the scale.
In a „conventional“ questionnaire method, the individual items are not correlated with each other. The study of the instrument is rather superficial, which is also reflected in the significantly reduced processing time of the questionnaire.

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